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Call for Solidarity from Indonesia

Dear Comrades, 

We are small loose collective (informal) in Yogyakarta, located in central Java, a region considered as “special territory” inside the democratic state due to its historical role as a Kingdom of Java, and for the same reason, some of the old feudal rules still preserved inside the so called democratic state. Since 2007 we have involved in creating solidarity with the peasant struggle in Kulon Progo which located inside Yogyakarta region. The struggle was about resisting iron mining which ARE a joint cooperation of Australian Kimberly Diamond (Indomines) and its local “puppet” branch company named “Jogja Magasa Iron (Mining)”. Jogja Magasa Iron are owned by the Sultan of Yogyakarta’s (Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono X) daughter, GKR Pembayun.

The Mega-Project
The planning of Iron mines are just a gateway for other mega-project to come, that we recognised as a development proposal from Asian Development Bank. Kulon Progo territorial are a crucial point in making further capitalist infrastructure in java, that is to create alternative highways, international airport, and other industrial infrastructure that would be a pivotal role for other minings and industrial project in surrounding area. These projects involved companies and investors from other countries include: Czech, Australia, and South Korea (some of the foreign investor that we already acknowledge).

Agrarian Conflict
As laws are easily made up by the rulling class. The former agrarian laws that protects peasants land after the independence were threatened to change due to the political-economic interrest of the elites:

In according the original to state laws, the peasants have the most legality to cultivate the land. But it is not really permanent since there is also a law that says “Every natural resources are owned by the state”. Feudal claiming of the land by the Sultan also create a mystification of “Special Territory” and its historical justification as a kingdom. Which fortunately until now, no law were officialy justifying the Sultan’s need to officially owned all of the land in Yogyakarta: Wonosari, Bantul, Sleman, Kulon Progo.

Political Atmosphere
Recently there have been a a political “fight” between the pro’s and con’s of the democratic-state take over of Yogyakarta since Sultan wanted the government to approved its feudal inheritance of land (so that the mining project and other mega-project would be smoothened by him and he himself will play the` major role for other mega-projects planned in Yogyakarta). This create an illusion of the democratic state versus the special territory of Yogyakarta. Some important point to be considered is that Yogyakarta accomodates intellectual life and the city received the central reputation for student city due to the existence of the most good education and universities across Indonesia. For example, in urban areas of Yogyakarta, most of its inhabitants are students from all over Indonesia. This creates a multicultural relationship and a growing intellectual life and lively art scene. In the recent spectacle of opposition between Sultan and President, the Sultan were praised by the “bribed” progressive academics, the so called “radical artists”, and the opportunist leftist, as more democratic, progressive, pluralist (and other nonesense) than the president on chair. This tendency were falsely seen by many “progressives” as true fight against the regime and most of them were rallying in solidarity for the “ETERNAL” preservation of special territory of Yogyakarta and the eternal authority of the Sultan’s blood to rule Yogyakarta inside Indonesian democratic state and of course with some hidden from public planned laws, that is: an eternal ownership of the so called Sultan and Paku alaman’s ground. To our view, as one of its inhabitants, if pluralism and multiculturalism, and also the freedom of expression were really exist, it has nothing to do with the Sultan. It simply an urbanised life of the students with various backgrounds of culture that made it possible, and in some cases cultural and ethnic clashes also appear, just as in other major cities in Java. But since most of Yogyakarta’s inhabitants are students and not workers, its already explained that free-time can create “special” atmosphere and not because of its feudalistic special territory where a very low-wage were praised as dedication and loyalty to the Sultan.

The Struggle

(see “A Tale of Sand” , a brief history and struggle of Kulon Progo’s peasants)
A Tale of Sand:

Approximately 10 thousand people will lose their land and house due to the feudal claiming of Sultan and Paku alaman ground. Ever since the issue of the mining project and its preliminary operation were conducted, the peasants of Kulon Progo were resisting very fiercely, these peasants notable came from several villages: Trisik, Karangwuni, Bugel, Pleret, Garongan, Karang Sewu. The mining projects threatened to make use of the land as much as 2987 – 3000 acres of land. The struggle which was started since 2007 creates a peasant umbrella group named PPLP-KP (Coastal Farmers Association of Kulon Progo). PPLP-KP such as the daily organizing of the noted Kulon Progo’s village, though still had informal hierarchy (such as those who are considered as elders), were very horizontal in nature. These villages have their tradition of consensual meetings where every village send their delegates and were responsible back to its people, and this is not function as leader. Oftenly in some serious events, these informal leaders cannot do anything to calm down the peasants anger.

PPLP-KP have conducted lots of demonstration, and in almost every demonstration, thousands of people always showed up. These solid network of village people were pure and sterilized from outiside interference such as Ngos, political party, and leftist organisation. And the peasants council have made it clear that to maintain their solid unity, PPLP-KP and the struggle of Kulon Progo’s peasants should be controlled by the peasant itself and not some organisation or other specialist. This strategy were seen as crucial so as to avoid any danger in the future if there’s any hidden political interrest in every political organisation that would want to interfere the struggle. And by time it is proven right, as the struggle became more solid through the years and some of the political organisation have showed their true face. Also to be noted, since the struggle have emerged, local authority belongs to the local or central state were no more functioning as the villagers decided to control everything into their own hands.
Criminalisation and the so called “Independent Advocates” (LBH)

In recent cases of struggle, some incidents have occurred. Every night and day, men and women patroled their villages if there’s any government or other institution responsible come to their village without any permission from the villagers. During December last year and January this year, two incidents happened where the investor’s car’s were damaged and some of the person inside the car were held hostages for three hours. The villagers have made their own laws, and according to them, if any institution wants to come to the area, especially those who are involved in the megaproject, should face the community first, otherwise it would be an offense to the community law.

16 December 2010: held hostaged six car belong to the investors and damage some of the cars

17 December 2010: The outrage community destroyed the mining office and made it sure it cant be operating again.

12 January 2011 : Community destroyed researcher’s of the company car These action conducted by the villagers were criminalised and the company have hired a well known lawyer in Indonesia to sue the community. Every time there’s a case such as this, the law aid institution officially named LBH (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum) were trying to convince the community that a successful struggle would be inside the law and further illegal acts should be stopped—although police only issue a warrant and never able or dare to pick-up the suspect or witness, as the community would be the human shield if there’s any individuals would be hostages of the state because of defending their own rights. LBH is a problem for the struggle, not only because they believe in political struggle in front of the court, and they firm attachment to the laws and state, but because most of the individual lawyers in that institution involved in the network of institutional leftist and leftist-environmental organisation which historically have bad reputation in the grassroot: political intrigues, corruption, dependency, etc. In recent cases they were trying to influence some of the community members to expel the small minority of anti-authoritarians who are deeply involved with the PPLP-KP but didn’t have any organisation whatsoever. Fortunately, the conversation were recorded by the community itself, and it was heard in their internal meetings. The LBH were trying to expell the small minority of anti-authoritarians because of its hostile position to every network of NGO’S and other insitutional leftist that is so oftenly in close connection with the elites and politicians. LBH were accusing the anarchists of provoking the villagers to conduct illegal actions, of which all of these accusation are based on lies, because most of these actions were conducted spontaneously and that the community itself are already hot headed in their position against the minings and its people. LBH also wanted their network to infiltrate the struggle but were at pains because of the agreement of the PPLP-KP councils to not accept any interference of NGO’S or other political institution. LBH are problematic to the struggle, which its narrow political interrest cannot be an independent help for the movement. It only can make intrigues to the whole movement and threathening its solid and self-organised struggle.
Global Solidarity

Considering these political implications and the revolutionary tendency of the peasant struggle, we urge to have a solid international solidarity. And on the behalf of the peasants, we need input on how to challenge these laws on international scale. We have made infrastructure of struggle in the village: community radio and social center. And also there’s twice of solidarity actions conducted by our comrades in Melbourne and Perth (due to the involvment of Australian Kimberly Diamond). We are in dire need for help to make this struggle successful without any interference of the leftist institution and its disgusting network. Please contact us for furtrher collaboration and we will update you with a more extensive and comprehensive data of the struggle. This letter are not our own initiative but were a result of our meetings with the PPLP-KP.

On behalf of the peasants,

Kulon Progo Solidarity Network


Mobile: +6285729818518


Salah satu sebab mengapa Infoshop Kudeta mahu dibuka di Noisy adalah saran beberapa anggota untuk membantu secara langsung sedikit sebanyak kepada Gudang Noisy dalam menjelaskan sewa bulanan mereka. Hanya tinggal sehari lagi sebelum Infoshop kami dibuka, namun berita diterima semalam lewat tuan pemilik premis tentang penjelasan tunggakkan sewa yang ternyata lebih besar dari jumlahnya dari sewa bulanan, dan tempoh kurang sebulan bagi melangsaikan jumlah sewa tersebut harus membungkam komuniti noisy, kami serta rakan-rakan lain. Di sini adalah urgent appeal dari mereka:

Gudang Noisy adalah sebuah Pusat Komuniti yang direalisasikan oleh beberapa rakan disebabkan kurangnya ruang bebas untuk anak muda menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti alternatif di Malaysia. Malangnya Gudang Noisy sedang menghadapi masalah kewangan untuk mengekalkan ruang ini sebagai ruang komuniti dan gig. Pemilik bangunan ini menetapkan tempoh selama sebulan untuk membayar sewa tunggakan sebanyak RM3000. Terdapat beberapa masalah dari segi pembayaran sebelum Pusat Komuniti Gudang Noisy mula beraktiviti. Hal ini menjadikan situasi Gudang Noisy yang baru sahaja aktif terbantut.

Antara aktiviti yang telah dijalankan di ruang ini adalah festival (Femme Fest, Girl Fest, Zine Fest), vegan cafe, pembuatan soya, perpustakaan mini yang mengandungi pelbagai buku dan zine, penjualan dan pembuatan tshirt, penjualan risalah dan music alternatif, ruang untuk perjumpaan dan perbincangan, workshop tattoo tapping, Really Really Free Market (pasar percuma), movie screening percuma secara bulanan, gig dan sebagainya. Pada masa hadapan, terdapat banyak aktiviti yang telah dirancang seperti Food Not Bombs, ko-operasi basikal, infoshop (Pustaka Semesta) dan lain-lain.

Oleh itu, kami sangat mengalu-alukan bantuan dan sokongan dari anda untuk menderma sebanyak RM20 (atau lebih). Kami menjemput anda untuk turut serta menjalankan aktiviti di ruang ini dan menghulurkan bantuan untuk menyelamatkan ruang ini agar segala bentuk aktiviti alternatif dapat diteruskan di masa akan datang.

Setiap sumbangan boleh disalurkan ke akaun bank Ahmad Ariffudin bin Ab Rahman (MAYBANK 114086009975) atau hubungi 0127968504 /

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang aktiviti Pusat Komuniti Gudang Noisy, layari blog kami atau Facebook!/pages/Ampang-Selangor/gudang-noisy/130490626985354

Sila sebarkan pengumuman ini.

Terima kasih.

Gudang Noisy is a community center established by a group of friends upon realizing that there is a lack of space for young people to organize alternative activities in Malaysia. Unfortunately, Gudang Noisy is currently facing some financial problems to sustain the space as a community center and a place to throw gigs. The owner of the building has given us a month to settle all the outstanding rent which is now stands at RM 3,000. We have been facing a lot problem in terms of paying rent since we started operating here. This is a huge hindrance for Gudang Noisy as it has been actively organizing things of recent.

We have organized a number of events here at the space, including radical festivals (Femme Fest, Zine Fest), vegan cafe, DIY soy milk, silk screening, tattoo workshop (tapping), really really free market, monthly free screening, gigs, amongst many other things. Besides that, we also have a mini library here which has a range of books and zines, a space to conduct meetings and discussion, as well as other things. We have also planned a slew of activities for the future including Food not Bombs, a bicycle co-op,  and an infoshop (Pustaka Semesta).

We would really appreciate it if you would be able to donate at least RM 20 (or more) to help us out in this time of need. And we would also like to invite you to participate in any future events to save Gudang Noisy so that there is a space for people to continue organizing alternative events.

All donations can be channeled to  Ahmad Ariffudin bin Ab Rahman (MAYBANK 114086009975) or please contact us at 0127968504 /

For more info about our activities, please log on to or check out our Facebook!/pages/Ampang-Selangor/gudang-noisy/130490626985354

Please spread the news!


really really free market



zine fest 2010

back door

Hanya tinggal beberapa minggu lagi sahaja sebelum infoshop Kudeta benar-benar dibuka. Cuma barangkali banyak lagi yang masih harus diusaha dan diperlukan. Di kedapatan ini disenarai seberapa sedikit barang diperlukan yang mungkin boleh disumbang ramai jika ada:

  1. rak buku
  2. meja
  3. kerusi
  4. telefon
  5. mesin fax
  6. perabot lain (eg. almari kaca atau kaunter)
  7. alat tulis
  8. komputer
  9. printer
  10. buku-buku
  11. apa jua barang berkenaan lain

Ini hanyalah senarai ringkas keperluan waktu awal pembukaan buat masa ini. Kami sangat berbesar hati menerima apa sahaja sumbangan kerana jika tidak ke infoshop nanti, ia boleh juga disalur pada acara RRFM di Gudang Noisy kelak. Sebarang pertanyaan boleh diaju di sini Email me!


sudah lanjut blog ini tertangguh sebelum bermula.
tersisa percubaan lalu tanpa diisi cuma tempelan kata pembuka dari zine Prasasti dahulu. itu sahaja.
ada antara kami sudah lewat pergi membangun usaha lain, yang masih tinggal termanggu mengolah rencana yang tidak pernah usai.
buat sekian kalinya mahu dicuba lagi.
moga kali ini benar sekali datang anginnya semangat baru.
moga ada terbit peluang meneruskannya, sejurus pesan ini ditulis.
selagi bintang tetap mahu membakar malam.
selagi hati terus berdenyut. mendukung hasrat untuk suatu dunia.
masih punya harapan.

anarki dan api

Petikan daripada zine, Prasasti.

Ada dunia lain selain daripada yang ini. Yang terpencil disisih tadbir kanun fizik. Terkunci antara arus garis waktu, dalam rangkum bumi diedar paksinya. Masih dipendam kabut antara tahyul dan mustahil.

Adalah peri dikatakan bahawa dunia ini dunia mistik. Gugusan dimensi sakti unjuran keramat usul sihir hati. Hunian para perintis lelaki dan perempuan peneroka kebarangkalian.

Halimunan serta segala hal yang ghaib-ghaib. Tiadalah berketahuan banyak akan ianya tiada sahih di mata sama maklum di akal. Lantaran peras perlembagaan paksa tata realiti dan piawai masa memegat galang hakikat biar tiadalah cara lain lagi memikir akan dunia sekaliannya selain daripada yang ini sahaja.

Meski tiadalah jauh akan halnya dunia yang lain itu yang berjarak letaknya bahkan antara selangkah kaki dan segapai tangan adanya. Sementelah hadir bersekali seraya selisih sahaja, tatkala leka tiada terduga barangkali pernah ketemu tanpa sedar barangkali telah datang tanpa dipanggil. Adakalanya didatangkan pula serupa petunjuk rahsia yang hanya dapat ditafsir menurut urutan firasat batin–sebagaimana nalurimu terpanggil merujuk kepadanya.

Sewaktu-waktu pertama kalinya jatuh cinta, sedangkan hati yang bertaut kasih pun diterimakan seperti suatu kejadian aneh terus mahu disangkal kebenarannya. Namun sebenarlah mengisi pancaindera membangkit perasaan semacam asyik mengelamun sehingga dunia sekitar langsung berubah indah bersemi, jadi terlalu elok kepada pemandangan maka ianya pun tersemat dibingkaikan mata hatimu. Sememangnya mereka yang berkasih-kasihan itu menjumpakan pengertian yang jauh berbeda akan alam, penuh makna dan tiada akan ternilai lagi terbanding. Dan cinta menyampai takrif kehidupan yang sebenar-benarnya itu. Kerana diturutkan hati yang berkehendakan sesuatu yang tersangat agung, tidak akan mampu dikandung oleh dunia yang tiada lagi memperakui keajaiban. Begitulah betapa tegarnya jiwa yang tiada bertuankan selain hati walau dikerah kuasa sejagat pun belumlah pasti dapat menunduknya.

Barang sesuatu seperti itu sambil sama memberi petanda bahwa apa sahaja boleh berlaku asal sahaja dapat disebati unsur-unsur yang mempercetuskannya. Sekiranya dapat diikat sebatian itu maka akan terbitlah ia bakal menjelang bersama membawa seluruh hari di ambang gemala peralihan. Merebak dan berjangkitan pula ianya itu, laksana bumi dipisah gerhana laksana dinihari disingkap fajar. Langsung mengheret segala aturan jagat tergelincir daripada landasannya. Lalu melukutlah dunia lama pecah berderai tiada akan dapat dicantum lagi. Maka di situlah dunia itu diketemukan.

Andai ingin ditelusuri susur galur asal sebermulanya ia adapun ianya diperiwayatkan di dalam perkumpulan sahabat yang saling bertukar cerita tentang dongeng keperwiraan atau rahsia alam di antara semarak unggun api yang memercik ke bintang. Prasastinya ada terpahat di atas bibir yang melarik senyum merungkai seribu catatan bahagia.

Ia hadir diutus angin dipesan bayu pada jelajah lepas membelah samudera malam. Ia terbit dari bicara tentang keinginan dan impian mahukan diburu adicita itu sehingga ke hujung dunia. Ialah dilagukan di dalam irama gemersik kesukaan jadi gubahan sempurna kepada mana-mana yang berkenan, bagaimana alunan titinadanya itu mampu mengangkat-apung jiwamu dalam cara yang tidak akan dapat dirumuskan hukum ilmu zahir. Apakala pula dimeterai asmara dan menyatu sejasad sejiwa dipanjat bersama saat itu ke mercu berahi setanding pendaki unggul menjejak ke gunung berkalung awan, itulah puncaknya yang telah kalian tawan.

Adapun tersebut perkataan dunia itu juga bisa terbangun kepada yang mencita mahu diperbuat akan ia seturut seru bagai dicucuri dengan segala hikmat kesaktian. Justeru, antara sesiapa pun bisa mengilham kehidupan seindah puisi bagai citra pengkarya agung atau mendiri sergam persada sekitar seri bersendi sulur tempawan bagai rupanya menjawat pekerjaan tukang yang pandai dari keinderaan. Sebegitu besar segala dunia yang mungkin pada yang menginginkannya dan jikalau kuat kemahuan itu nescaya akan terjelmalah gapuranya membuka gerbang raya membentang lalu seakan seluruh alam datang berserah kepadamu.

Akan yang itu, sungguhlah seperti ada dunia lain di sebalik yang ini. Melarut ufuknya tidak bertepi, lautannya tidak berdasar, letaknya di dunia yang ini juga. Berpasak alih ke mana sahaja asalkan hatimu seluas semesta.

Arkitek syurgaloka metabumi.

Sebenarlah bahawa revolusi itu satu ide di mana kita boleh memasuki dunia rahsia itu, mengharapkan akan saat yang mendatang itu, tidakkan sekali-kalinya kembali lagi.